Video: St. Louis homeless soccer team

One of the last stories I wrote for the Post-Dispatch featured a homeless soccer team based in St. Louis. The team played in the Street Soccer USA Cup in Washington, D.C. last weekend.

I attended several practices and hung out with the guys a bit. The story and photos ran July 26.

The team, the St. Louis Roadies, are led by Keith Deisner, who coaches with the help of other volunteers — mostly Keith’s soccer-nut buddies. Keith works for Peter and Paul Community Services. The effort is an exercise in contrasts — middle-class, average Joes working with homeless men who live on life’s margins.

This video was shot with the Panasonic GH1 that finally came in last month and edited with Final Cut Express. The original MOV files 848×480 — the camera’s medium quality video setting —  and I upsampled to 1280×720 using VisualHub, which is unfortunately now defunct.

Next time, I’ll use in 720p, but that raises questions about storage.

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