New phone number 623…

…no, I didn’t move to Arizona, which is the 623 area code.

I’m the proud owner of a Google Voice account. It organizes all my phones present and future with one number and allows remote access — even by Internet — to voicemail and text. I’ve actually had it for several weeks, but am only now publicizing the number:


This will be my permanent phone number for as long as Google exists. Arizona was the only place I could get my AJADHAV handle.

Right now that number will ring my old cell phone, which will die when I leave the country. Once I’m overseas, calls to the 623 number will go directly voice, and I’ll be able to check the messages online wherever I am. Text messages will automatically go to my e-mail.

I won’t necessarily call back right away, but it’s the handiest way to leave a quick message or send a text.

And e-mails, of course, will continue to work at

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