Come visit. Seriously.

I’ve had many questions about visiting me while I’m out and about. My answer: Absolutely.

In no particular order, I’m calling out people who ought to make an appearance during my time abroad (some of you have at least expressed the interest): MattLord, Ariane, Joel/Kate, Solana, Supriya/Dan, Meghan/Emily, Colleen, Mel/Dale, Kate (the Hammer), Bethany, Blythe.

And you!

(If my mother, sister and brother-in-law can do it with the one-year-old Ravi in tow, surely you can.)

But seriously, if you’re interested, e-mail me. Also keep these considerations in mind:

  • I won’t be in East Africa long enough. And I’ll be busy, so we’re talking about India this fall at the very earliest.
  • I will have journalism duties. But that doesn’t me I won’t have time for play.
  • I will be relatively busy in December and January. But I’ll also be on some amazing, tiny islands that are difficult to get to and have amazing beaches. You would probably want at least two weeks to tag along on that trip, but it’s going to be amazing.
  • I’m in Thailand April 1 through April 8. If you prefer to visit in Thailand, make it happen.
  • I’m unavailable (teaching English at a small school) April 15 through June 15.
  • The plane ticket is the most expensive part. India itself is pretty cheap, as long as you don’t need rockstar accommodations. Hint: I don’t stay in rockstar accommodations.
  • You do need a passport with at least six months validity and a visa, which takes a couple weeks to procure.
  • The two major airports are New Delhi and Mumbai. Which one you fly into depends as much on flight prices as your itinerary.
  • I totally want visitors, but I do need a little bit of time to plan. And you’ll want to plan, too. (Tickets are way cheaper several months in advance.)
  • A word about the Taj Mahal. It is beautiful. Many people wish to see it. I have seen it several times, but I won’t say no. That said, if you don’t need to see it, there are other beautiful, cool things to see that aren’t also touristy or out of the way.
  • Seasons matter in India: December and January are the most expensive months, but also the most temperate. February/March is my favorite for a good balance of price and weather. April/May is hot, hot, hot. June through August (roughly) mean monsoons. Fall is pleasant but as temps drop and rains stop prices go back up.

Look at it this way. You’ll have your own personal guide in India. Who also likes you. And will not fleece you (though I am officially a starving artist).

What’s not to like? Make it happen.

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  1. Mel Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    I got a shout out! Yea!

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