Technology is a mother…

UPDATE: I have jumped on the University of Illinois public WIFI and I’m blogging from the parking lot next to Greg Hall. Apparently, it’s totally Comcast screwing with me. Damn Comcast.

I have spent inordinate amounts of time upgrading, growling at, fixing, wondering why its broken, crying over and finally giving in to technology in the last week.

Unfortunately, my normally stable, Mac-enhanced, technodriven lifestyle has been a mother of late.

This is my story:

My wonderful Panasonic GH1K camera can shoot in full HD with amazing compression, but I couldn’t edit the AVCHD format without lengthy conversion. So I caved and bought Final Cut Express 4, which handles said high quality format.

Alas, the out-of-the-box version that I installed Sunday night could recognize but not ingest the slightly tweaked architecture of the GH1 storage. After I wasted six hours looking for solutions online (seriously, Web forums, you were a huge disappointment) and scouring my machine for conflicting codecs, a professor suggested the obvious that hadn’t been obvious to me.

His advice: Software update. A few minutes later, FCE4 worked flawlessly a charm.

Also Sunday, I installed Snow Leopard, because it promised better speed and offered to give me seven gigs of hard drive back. It did both perfectly.

Of course, now (discontinued) Visual Hub has a quirk: it works fine until I go to close the program and then it develops two stack errors, that as far as I can tell are meaningless if alarming and funny, too.

Last night, my most recent technological cluster arrived with gale force: my mother’s WIFI router (which I installed).

Her ethernet connection to her desk top seems to work flawlessly loading all manner of Web sites. And the wireless connection on my machine does just fine, too.

Both, however hiccup uncontrollably when encountering my own (this) damn Web site.

(Speed isn’t the issue here: I’ve been watching video via WIFI online — LOST Season 2, which by the way, WTF Sawyer?? – since I set up the router last week.)

Which has me questioning my own machine again, as well as the Internet writ large. And it forced me to spend some three hours online late last night with my server tech people to determine, that no, it is not their effing problem.

Which leads me to suspect Comcast, since I’ve generally thought all cable providers are toolbags. I honestly wonder — without any basis for suspicion other than my own frustration and the fact that I wouldn’t effing put it past them — whether this isn’t a net neutrality issue. Comcast perhaps just simply doesn’t care about my Web site.

Here’s to hoping, at least, you can see this.

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  1. JC Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    Yeah, good luck with all that technology in, um, Madagascar.

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