In Dubai, found WiFi, Google is in Arabic

I’m really tired so excuse my rambling and poor grammar.

I just stepped off the plane to the steamy airport in Dubai for a three-hour layover, found my gate and hopped on a decent WiFi hotspot. So much for going dark, and here’s to hoping this connection is reasonably secure.

The airport here is very shiny. Witness the picture below:

Myriad cultures, juxtaposed on a shiny stage

Myriad cultures, juxtaposed on a shiny stage

Re: the Internet. So far Facebook has already told me I’m not at one of my usual haunts and asked me to verify my birthday. Google is in Arabic. I’m waiting for my bank to freak out next. At least WordPress works.

Ironic, photographic fun:

Pre-prayer frappuccino

Pre-prayer frappuccino anyone?

The airport is more modern than any I’ve seen in the states. Heathrow might be the best comparison I’ve got. The shopping concourse is filled with the biggest brand names, from Cartier to Ferragamo. A Lamborghini is up for raffle.

And the people are a delightful juxtaposition of cultures — from Arab women in abayas and men in kafiyas to ladies showing more cleavage than a Hooters waitress and guys in puka shell necklaces. Even saw a pair of Uggs and Victoria Secret Pink pajama pants.

And of course there’s all nationalities. At the gate for Nairobi, I’ve met Kenyan, Brit, Indian, Korean and Swede. Still looking for another American headed my direction.

Other notes:

  • Traveling this early is stupid. We left the hotel at 3:30 a.m. And with such little sleep, I freaked out several times, believing I had lost things — including a cell phone.
  • Speaking of losing things: I did leave my belt at O’Hare’s Terminal 2 security. Now my pants fall down. I also forgot my elbow brace at JFK’s security after I was searched.
  • Dear JFK TSA personnel, my hard drive is not a bomb. You did not need to wipe it down and stick the makeup remover pad in the explosive analyzing machine thereby making me the last person to board my plane. Thanks.
  • Air Emirates is awesome. Wicked awesome. Good food, good entertainment, good service. And the plane was mostly empty, meaning I had five seats to myself.
  • Dubai’s airport had a medical shop and I have replaced by elbow brace. The replacement is cheaper than the original bought at Target.
  • A lounge chair just opened up, so I’m going to nap. We’ll see how dark I go this time. Kenya is not exactly Dubai.
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  1. JC Says:
    September 4th, 2009 at 3:36 am

    Good to see you’re alive, sargin’ buddy. Nice shot of the Dubai airport. Sounds like the first day abroad is a winner, especially when you can spot Victoria Secret halfway across the world. Thong? Whale tale? In a store or being worn by a hottie?

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