Holiday Special: Get a post card from far away…

Friends and readers:

I’ve been far more in touch with life back home (to the point of disrupting my sleep schedule) than I thought I would be. But as I depart Tuesday for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which officially will be the most remote I’ve ever been, it’s entirely possible that I will be abandoning electronic communication for a while.

As such, now begins the 2009 Mazaa Post Card Bindaas Giveaway. Limited time only. I promise everyone who sends me their address now will receive a wicked cool post card at some point in the near future.*

Send them via e-mail: Include an update on you and yours. (To qualify, you must do so, even if you already have previously.)

But seriously, this will be a postal renaissance of sorts. And it’ll give me a chance to  to practice my horrible penmanship,

Also, keep in mind I’m offering to do this, despite my utter loathing for the practice of addressing cards.

I’ve already sent a few post cards out, to get in the habit. Let me know if you get them.

Happy Holidays.

*Guarantee applicable to submitted addresses from the date of this post until December 31, 2009. “Near future” is defined as sometime in 2010. No purchase necessary. Friends, family, exes, unrequited/jilted lovers, bosses and strangers are eligible to participate. Void where prohibited. Offer invalid for people I don’t like enough to write to.

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