Old Bay and my domestic Indian lifestyle

And some of you laughed at me for bringing along Old Bay

And some of you laughed when I brought along Old Bay

I love photos of domestic settings. There are so many little details to absorb. The one above, though not particularly stunning, is my kitchen.

At the time, I was making some noodle “curry.” The dented can of Old Bay Seasoning, the best salt on the face of this planet, was one of the many things I carried here in my overstuffed backpack. Thank God.

Though I’ve been traipsing about the world, as you’ll see below, I do lead a rather domestic life from time to time.

This curry provided me a tasty break from my writing. I’m trying to finish two stories — one about India’s nascent dive industry and another about hunting for geckos in unexplored Andaman jungles. I’m also in final edit on a third dispatch, on tourism’s double-edged sword in Maasai country, that has been around for far too long. It is now set to be published in a magazine in April.

But back to the noodles. They’re actually noodles from a package of ramen that I combined with some vegetable/curry mix. So I’m not a whiz in the kitchen, but I devoured them. The roof of my mouth was scalded a little.

The curry contained a bit of Old Bay and copious amounts of the wonderful chili garlic paste in the jar just to the right of the Old Bay. And I put in some black pepper from the canister that reads “Everest” (oddly from Kerala), which I also managed to spill all over the place when I ran for the phone because I thought the locksmith was calling.

I could live on food spiced with those three condiments. I’d be in Old Bay, chili garlic paste and black pepper heaven.

The onion and the pomegranate on the far right belong to my roommate. I do believe in using onions heartily in food. However, I am less skilled in the pomogranatic arts. I suppose you just crack it open and eat the crunchy, shiny, red things inside that I’m told are seeds. I’ve never actually tried “peeling” it myself.

The water bubbler on the far left is a godsend. I love drinking water. I have a beat-up 1L Nalgene bottle for that purpose. And thankfully, the water stays reasonably cold at this time of year, because of Delhi’s climate.

The bottle of Jameson tucked behind a kitchen appliance, whose purpose I haven’t yet discerned, is courtesy of my flatmate as well. She has convinced me to partake of it a couple times. Sipping it is, I admit, a practice I think I could enjoy.

After eating the curry, I took a brief nap in the sun and breeze on one of the charpoys on our upper terrace.

A few hours later, as I write this, I am on my second liter today (Nalgene bottle is very useful) of Darjeeling green tea, brewed from loose leaf that I picked up last week.

I am still waiting for the locksmith, who I hope will replace our front door lock to which no one has a key. Told you I’m domestic.

I’m also listening to Paul Simon on our little apartment stereo — “…these are the days of miracle and wonder…”

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  1. Anna Says:
    February 4th, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    And, luckily, of the long distance call. :)

  2. kali Says:
    February 4th, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Adam…its a juicer!

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