I’ve been drinking a lot of good tea lately

Future Darjeeling loose leaf

The last week or so I’ve been drinking two+ liters of fine Darjeeling green tea a day. Hot damn it’s good.

The picturesque hills (above) are easy photographic subjects. Buying tea, however, is a whole other story.

So many leaves, so little time

Below, the shacks you see are roadside stalls, all carrying the same products for the most part and all clamoring for business. And when a vehicle of foreigners pulls up, the chaiwallahs get a little excitable.

Darjeeling's beautiful hills of tea

After twenty minutes of haggling between three different women in the tea shack and another seven of us wanting tea — too many cooks in that recipe, believe me — I walked away with about Rs. 500 of tea, or about 600 grams spread across several varieties. More tea than I could drink in six months.

Or so I thought. But brewing a couple pots a day to keep the 1L Nalgene filled and it’s going more quickly than I expected.

Of course, with all that tea, I’m going more quickly than usual, too.

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