Are you ready for some Holi?!?!

Jabalpur 2002

We’ve got less than two weeks until Holi, and I might be getting a little excited.

The religious festival, this year scheduled for March 1, involves people getting a bit out of control and painting each other with colored water and powder and paint and God knows what else. It’s symbolic of spring’s triumph over winter, good over evil, and the open future over bygones past.

More photos after the break.

Jabalpur 2002

Thane 2004

Thane 2004

I’ve shot the celebration a couple times (see above) and will traveling this year with my mother who is visiting relatives in Pune. Don’t know how much I’ll be celebrating there. The city is of course dealing with the fallout of the recent bombing of a popular tourist hangout, but India tends to bounce back quickly and I imagine it will be a jolly good time like always.

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