Unexplored Andamans: A scientist’s playground

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More often thought of as paradise for beach bums and scuba divers, the Andaman Islands are also a scientist’s playground, an alluring cache of uncharted island biodiversity. The archipelago lies about 1,200 kilometers from India in the middle of the Bay of Bengal.

Pressures of industry and accompanying pollution are mounting, and increased tourism will inevitably bring more development to farther-flung regions. But for now at least, the islands remain one of India’s last and pristine ecological frontiers.

Above, three researchers go on a hike through the jungles surrounding Wandoor, searching for the Andaman Islands Day Gecko, Phelsuma andamanensis, a relative of more common day geckos found across Madagascar.

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  1. meaghan Says:
    February 19th, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    love the gecko.

    when’s your photo exhibit gonna happen?

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