Ahhhhh, young love

Hot snuggle in the park

Lodi Gardens is Delhi’s green lung and respite from the hustle and dust of the city. But it’s also a haven for young lovers who, in a society that is mostly repressive of sexual urges, can come here and snuggle and canoodle to their heart’s content.

It’s actually more public necking than would likely be deemed appropriate in the U.S., though they do generally keep their clothes completely on. And sometimes it’s literally necking, as mouth-kissing is still far more taboo than kissing necks (and foreheads and hands and ears and arms and…).

I try to be discreet when photographing their trysts:

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Matt Stensland, this is your life… en Cuba.

A year ago, Matt and I were in Cuba for some journalism. We also celebrated his birthday.

It’s now Tuesday, March 30 in India. Matt, in my time zone, has turned 28.

Happy birthday, brother.

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Blooming Delhi

Spring is in the air

Delhi’s brief period of bloom is about over, as the oppressive heat will soon dry out all but the hardiest flora. This comes from Lodi Gardens.

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Dog days of Delhi


The heat brings out the laziness in street dogs. Lucky for my camera (see below).

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A sage, hip lampost

Drop beats, not bombs

Found while geocaching near Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

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Pondicherry kids look into the camera

Down by the jetty. And I didn’t have to pay them.

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Misunderstanding soda

I prefer my Pepsi triangular

Pondicherry signboard.

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Published: Maasai turn to tourism in face of drought

Freelancing has been slow going. I have several stories finished still with no takers.

But in the April issue of the Caravan, a political and cultural journal in Delhi, you can find my story from Kenya about drought hitting pastoralists near the famous Maasai Mara reserve. It also features one of my best photos from my days down by the Mara.

You can read the whole story here or see the PDF version here. And the audio slideshow of my photos is here.

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Fruit wallah

Hot day, heaven on wheels

Either I’ve built up some immunity or I’ve just been lucky. But I now eat roadside stall fruit with impunity. This guy was pretty clean about it all, as you can see below.

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Old men and the sea

Early morning

Plank boat

I have a fondness for fisherpeople. Being on the southeastern coast of India, Pondicherry is full of them.

They’re poor, diligent and seafaring. They’re lives are precariously tethered to the global marine ecosystem, something we in the West (and particularly in the Midwest, away from coasts) tend to ignore. Yet it’s our pollution that causes stuff like this, for example.

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