Holi cow! Well, not really…

The streets will run with color

Holi is my favorite of the Indian holidays. Everyone celebrating gets good and messy and good and messy — throwing “color” (powdered paint or dyed water balloons or oily goo or normal paint or mud or ash) at each other. I’ve been in India twice for the festival, held in the spring to, among other things, herald the coming of the warm season.

This year, I rocked through Pune briefly to “play Holi” (read: get messy and take photos) with my cousin. We covered a lot of ground around the city, but it was a rather sleepy, subdued day. We got a late start, and Pune is a bit tame when it comes to Holi. (A recent bombing at a high-profile tourist hangout that also killed some local college students didn’t help the mood.)

Coated in color? Time to crash.

Though my photography suffered accordingly, we still had a good time and I did my best to paint everyone (at least the willing) I could find with bright orange. Most of it actually went on my cousin.

Where's the party at now, boys?

How about some hot orange in ya face?

Tag, you're it!

Gave them a dose as they went by

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