Brickmakers of Akurdi

Placing charcoal

Family of brickmakers

India’s construction boom requires bricks. Bricks are labor intensive. They are carefully molded and dried in the sun. Then they’re intricately stacked amid charcoal, for firing in what is essentially an open kiln.

Here, a family of brickmakers are getting ready to fire another batch of bricks (more photos below).


From mud and straw come building materials.

If you build it...

An entire family is usually involved in the operation.

Come here beta

It’s seasonal work, typically a supplement for farmers, like this family from Solapur. I met these folks in 2008, while pursuing a story on the construction of a new master-planned city in India, a piece that never sold.

Getting ready to fire

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  1. Angelina Says:
    March 11th, 2010 at 12:12 am

    Your captions are starting to sound like mine. i like the one with the foot.

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