My latest scheming (in Thailand)

At present, I’m in Thailand and trying to stay disconnected. Something about good food, diving and adventures makes that easier.

But here’s an update on my latest plans. A friend recently deemed me “a bum with an agenda.” Read below; the label fits.

For the next couple weeks, I’ll be diving, hiking and eating good food in Bangkok and on the island of Koh Tao. I will mostly be out of touch until April 12 when I return to Delhi for about 40 hours.

That will be followed by almost 40 hours on a train and several more in a jeep bound for Sikkim, a Himalayan foothill state in northeast India. It’s an area renowned for natural beauty.

There, I’m volunteer teaching at a small English-language school. I signed up for this many, many months ago as a way to do something new and take a small stab at giving something back.

In early June, I’ll return to central India for a spell (I’m overdue on visits with family) before I switch continents. Due to a number of new directions and unforeseen circumstances — now for something completely different — I’m shifting to Ecuador for a few months.

There, I’ll be volunteering/working for a marine conservation organization in a small coastal town Puerto Lopez. The stint will allow me to experiment in advocacy, gain NGO experience, hone my Spanish and combine my recent passion for diving with a good cause. It’ll be manta ray season in the region as well. I also have some potential contacts to do a bit of journalism on the side, if there’s time.

Then, in early October, I’ll begin making my way home, finally. The goal is to be stateside by Halloween.

Then, next winter, it’ll be back to India, where I feel more and more that I want to live and settle for an extended period.

But enough talk; time for Pad Thai.

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  1. Steven Smith Says:
    April 6th, 2010 at 9:52 am

    I am very jealous. Great work!

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