And we’re back… briefly

Thailand was blur of diving and food and photos and fantastic new friends. More about all that later.

I’m in Delhi for not quite two days before I head for Sikkim and teaching. I’ve got loads of errands to run in the interim and some friends to see and a giant bag to repack, so I don’t expect to be blogging until I get settled back in near the Himalayas. (Though I may post a few fun photos from the travels last month.)

My parting shot is at the drunk, airport cabbie who took me on a three-hour extravaganza today in the midday heat because he apparently doesn’t know any (and I mean ANY) major landmark in South Delhi. Not Sarvodaya Enclave, not Mother School, not Hauz Khas village, not PVR Saket, not Aurobindo Marg, not IIT, not Qutub effing Minar.

Of course, I can’t complain too much. I understand that his life isn’t exactly the high one, shuttling around whiney tourists and getting paid almost nothing. And I like exploring alleyways and facing down situations that force me to be patient.

I also had my iPod and a book, which always help in weathering India’s moments of confusion. Too, it was nice to realize just how familiar I’ve become with my adopted city.

In the end, I had a bit of fun and a good go ’round with him in Hindi, especially when he had the gall to ask for a tip.

The best part (perhaps I should even thank the driver) was wandering past at least two other sets of ruins — albeit from the back of a sweaty cab — that I previously didn’t know about, including some new parts of the Begumpur remains of which I’ve read tales.

Will try to discern more about the monuments when I’m back in Delhi for a longer stretch. We all know how much I like ruins.

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