My pet dog

Bhasha is a lazy mutt

Meet Bhasha, a stray that hangs around the school where I teach. He’s a scruffy guy, the kids pay marginal attention to him and he’s a bit wobbly, which suggests developmental issues.

He also “never learned to bark,” according to the school principal. But he does grunt, whine, howl awkwardly, guffaw and make other noises that approximate communication.

Sucker that I am for things that are not quite right, I have adopted him. At least for the six weeks or so I’ll be here. He gets my leftovers at meals and he frequently tries to follow me home at night and on jogs. I’m also apparently the only staff who can get him to shut up or sit down with resorting to violence.

He didn’t have a name, according to one teacher. He was literally “no-name dog.” But as he’s always trying to talk in something other than dog-speak, I’ve named him Bhasha, which means language, in Hindi.

For those of you who know that I haven’t always been a dog person, this is a surprising turnaround. Expect more pictures of the scrappy little guy in the future.

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Quiet sunrise, empty mosque

Sweeping out the dust

At sunrise, as the tourists shuffle into the Taj Mahal complex, the mosque to the west is nearly quiet. Except for a few wanderers and the caretaker. Photos below.

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