I love a good chippy

Mmm... London fish and chips

After leaving India, I spent a week bombing around the United Kingdom seeing a few friends. On an afternoon about sunny London town with my dive buddy Russ, I requested the best fish and chips the city had to offer.

Russ, though not actually liking the “chippy” all that much, did quickly Google one for us. We made our way to the Fishcotheque, where the above picture of greasy cod was taken. Hail the battered fish fillet.

The whole place actually smacked of a school lunchroom, from the counter to the tables to the harsh fluorescent lights. But the total package actually was charming, and my cod-n-chips, which I actually devoured before thinking to photograph, was as heavenly as it was unhealthy.

Russ, even more to his credit, also put me up for a night in Brighton and again took me to Bankers, a fine chip shop frequented by old people. That might have been the best battered fish I had (and I ate a lot of fish-n-chips in the UK). But the jury is still out on the mushy peas.

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