Blue skies and silver bluffs

And now and then, clouds break

Isla de la Plata, the island of silver, is so named either because a naval giant stashed his treasure there, or because the guano covering the islands cliffs glints grey in the sun.

It’s also often referred to as the poor man’s Galapagos. It’s the only place in the world outside the vaunted island chain where you can find the three species of sought-after boobies: blue-footed, masked and red-footed.

It’s also home to sea lions and frigate birds and other rare wildlife both on land and in the fertile seas surrounding. It draws tourists from around Ecuador and South America for a glimpse at natural wonder without the price of a Galapagos visit.

I spent many and afternoon diving these waters. I revel now looking back at the beautiful cliffs.

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Cold, beautiful water


A rocky inlet of Isla de la Plata, a national park island off the northwest of Puerto Lopez. The waters are home to some of the best Pacific wildlife outside the Galapagos — manta rays, giant diamond stingrays, green turtles a plenty, even the occasional hammerhead shark.

The temps, however, mean wetsuits are a must. Low 60s, Fahrenheit.


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