Sharks are friends, not food


A beautiful Galapagos shark cruises near Kicker Rock, close to San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands. I sound like a broken record but: Most if not all sharks are under threat from over fishing. I know I’ve eaten shark previously — even claimed it to be my favorite meat — but I will never again (even if I stop being vegetarian).

Sharks are too often apex predators or even keystone species. And they’re also natural art, highly adapted and evolved. They’re one of the oldest living predators on the planet.

Even catch-and-release sport fishing can be severely harmful to the great animals, particularly when pulled from depths. They can suffer barotrauma from pressure changes and thermo-regulation problems from being removed from cold water. One scientist I met in the Galapagos specifically stressed that often catch-and-release fishing of large, deep-water species leads to high mortality rates.

Please, don’t fish or eat them and don’t encourage others.

Lone shark

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