When sea lions attack!?!

Bum rushed by a sea lion

OK. So they don’t actually attack. They’re actually just playing around. Maybe they’ll nip a fin in what amounts to an underwater game of tug-of-war.

But the first time a playful bugger rushes you, it’s a bit jarring. Below is a series of photos that dramatically captures a vicious (ha!) sea lion “attack.” off the coast of San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands.

Coming down to check us out...

First the scheming, evil sea lion glides silently above, watching its prey, picking the weakest and least aware in the herd of divers below.

Going for the air source

Identifying a victim, the “lobo marino” rushes downward through a diver’s bubbles, in an attempt to maintain an element of surprise and make a move for precious air tank. Sinister, them sea lions, no?

Circling around their prey

Now it’s time to confuse and discombobulate by swimming circles and loops in all directions around a diver. Que miedo!

Mammal torpedo

Then, when you’re dizzy and reeling… ATTACK! BLITZ! CHARGE!

Or again, not really. They will rush you, and then pull away at the last minute (as seen in the first photo). It’s all a game that is apparently endless fun.

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