He’s really just trying to get himself stuck

Shy little guy

Not all pufferfish are the porcupine-esque versions, popularized by Finding Nemo, that everyone thinks of when they think of blowfish.

They’re sometimes rather timid. Not skittish, per say, but just retiring. Like this guy, found trying to wedge himself into some rocks on a dive off Daphne, Galapagos Islands. Too bad he’s also bright yellow and therefore not greatly camouflaged.

Also, for the record, they rarely expand just because you get close. This is more of a last-ditch defense mechanism done only in the face of great stress. When divers do set off this defensive mechanism for sport (typically by actually grabbing the fish), some biologists believe they can do serious harm.

I’m of the “look but don’t touch” philosophy underwater.

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