Random party breaks out on long train journey

Impromtu train carriage show

During a train ride from Delhi to Pune in November, the berth just opposite my bunk happened to be filled with random musicians. WIth encouragement from much of the rest of the carriage, they took to song for several hours in the middle of our overnight journey.

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Actually sang me to sleep at one point. Click play above to listen.

Bang the drum

The 20-hour (or so) trip from Delhi to Pune, even on my non-stop train, can be tiring. And because I absolutely needed to get there when the upper compartments were booked, I took a lower class that packs more people in to each car.

Yet this journey was the best train trip I’ve taken. Though I admit I tire of the crush of people in modern Indian cities and transport, every now and then — as was the case that evening — India reminds me why I love this country so much.

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