Jai Hind! And other bits of patriotic fervor

Hindustan zindabad!

On a list of the things that most Indians adore (tea, cricket, economic growth), nationalism deserves mention. Few places is that more clearer than the Wagah Border ceremony.

The ceremony draws domestic and foreign tourists from all corners to basically see the crowds and soldiers of both India and Pakistan compete for patriotic bragging rights: who can shout the loudest, kick the highest and growl the longest.

Looked at from a positive viewpoint, the daily pageant that ends in lowering the flag and closing the border represents a great bit of revelry in the huge experiment that is India. From a more pessimistic viewpoint, it’s an example of the jingoism that boils to the surface in this nation of 1.2 billion “argumentative Indians.”

At the very least, the shenanigans are fueled in part by one of the nation’s other obsessions: disliking Pakistan.

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