Like you’ve had too much wine… it’s a moray!


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When the world seems to shine… it’s a moray!

Open wide...

Ok, so the Dean Martin headlines might me getting old. But who — besides someone I love who doesn’t love snakes and snake-like creatures — doesn’t like moray eels?

I like moray eels.

Apologies for the Hurricane Irene-induced Internet/blogging disruption. I can’t really complain. A new professor in my department lost her living room when a giant oak toppled in uninvited. No one was hurt, we’re thankful.

The tree should have been able to withstand the comparatively weak winds, except that the root system was cut to make room for sidewalks. Mankind shows its brilliance (read: hubris) and mastery over nature.

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Elemental dinner


I get immense satisfaction from cooking basic foodstuffs that are healthy and turn out incredibly tasty. I realize that many people know how to cook far better, but this is a new leaf for me.

Above, left to right: Red lentils, diced tomatoes mixed with diced green peppers, a to-be-diced white onion, chopped green onions. Mostly organic.

Boil the lentils until they’re about half-way to tender in a stainless steel pot, throw in everything else, spice with black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, lots of thyme and a tiny bit of sugar.

Salt to taste. Boil the rest of the way until the lentils are finished.

Finished product below.

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Like a big pizza pie… it’s a moray!

Hey little buddy

More from the moray eel files. This comes from Minerva’s Ledge.

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Worthy of remembrance

Mom and I toured the Martin Luther King, Jr., memorial Monday when it opened to the public in a kind of soft launch before the official dedication this weekend. It isn’t as grand as the Lincoln, Washington or Jefferson monuments in scale, but it has its own power.

It’s a small garden along the Tidal Basin, edged by a semi-circle of granite etched with quotes from perhaps the greatest American conscience, moral lamppost and orator ever.

Near the focal point of the circle is a 30-foot bust of sorts carved into white stone of King.

Certainly a grand honor and King was certainly worthy of nothing less.

Take heed

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When the moon hits your eye… it’s a moray!

He's just chilling...

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Hello giant Bag of Kale…

Healthy never tasted so good...

…meet my good friend, Carbon Steel Wok. Also, say hi to his buddies, garlic, onions, tomatoes, canola, cayenne and black beans.

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Fish school is in session…

I return to school this week as a grad student at American University. I’m rather excited and actually am on campus today.

However, this school of fish is still infinitely more fun.

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I just like to stare at it…

Undersea oddities

A feather star hangs off a coral block. Tiny reef fish and damsel fish flit about. A cleaner wrasse streaks across your view. And all if it stands in semi-silohuette of the blue underwater sky.

I love it so.

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Bubble clowns at it again…

Tiny charismatic fish.

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