Hit and run… I’m OK. My bike isn’t.

Damn Subaru knocked my shoe off.

On my way home tonight, while riding hard but slow up a hill, I was rammed by a green Subaru. I heard the car coming up rather quick, turned my head to look and then was, all of a sudden, rolling up the hood of said car.

This is cliche: It all happened so fast. The hit literally knocked my right sock (and shoe) off.

I assume the driver was looking the other way (checking a blind spot and switching lanes) or confused by the weird intersection and lane markers. One lane — the one I occupied — is straight only; the right lane is turn only. Whatever the reason, car on bike doesn’t work out so well.

The driver paused a bit and then — about the time I stood up — drove off. I didn’t get a look at the plates.

I called 911, less for my health and more to file a report. Medics checked me out. Mostly they just let me sit in the ambulance and an officer took down details. There’s no insurance to cover the bike damage (tear), but at least a police record might help to change road signage in favor of bikers.

This is a great example of why bike lanes are necessary. And also, why more, not fewer, bikers should ride on the road. Drivers aren’t looking for us because too many bikers are timid and ride on the sidewalks.

The tire, wheel and rear of my bike is bent to hell. Some or all of it may need replacing.

Nothing major on me, as much as I can tell, was hurt. I could stand and carry my bike off the road. The bike suffered far worse than I.

I got checked out by medics. A police officer took a report and then gave me and my sad bike a ride home.

Not particularly happy about my bike being wrecked. I’m thankful, though: I’m only scratched up a bit; my right leg (the good knee, unfortunately) is sore and tweaked but I’m hoping that’s not anything serious.

Today I’ve actually felt a bit euphoric when thinking about how badly that could have gone.

By the way, helmets rock.

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