Zombie makeup, dead sea captain, abstract concept

W. M. TRADE, Captain

My costume this year was both esoteric and abstract. Keep in mind that I’m in an environmental policy program. But I’ll help parse out all the levels below.

A key clue

So on the surface, what am I? Some sort of zombie sea captain? Walking dead in a period costume?

Captain of the Titanic who went down with his ship?

A good start. Let’s say, dead in the water.

But wait… the badge. What’s up with that?

Were you to sail in my crew, how would you address me?

Yes, sir, captain, sir.

That’s Captain Trade to you, sailor boy.

Were you to then address me in an impish, colloquial slang while on the ship, you perhaps would call me Cap’n.

Beggin’ ya pardon, Cap’n Trade, I meant no disrespect.

Hrmmm… figure it out yet?

So then there’s the initials W. M. What’s up with those?

They’re an abstract tidbit. We’ll get to them soon.

Now, put it all together. I’m…

Dead in the water Cap’n Trade.

You mean…

…the political prospects of the stalled American Clean Energy and Security Act, commonly known as now dead 2009 Cap and Trade Bill.

The bill sometimes was referred to as the Waxman-Markey Bill, after its authors. Their initials, of course, are…

W. M.

Like I said, esoteric and abstract.

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