Big, bad barracuda

Swarming at Dixon's Pinnacle

The last of my divemaster training series from the Andaman Islands. It’s about time, as I finished DM more than a year ago. *sniff*

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“You don’t know Earth. You don’t know this planet.”

Taking an 8-minute break from ruminating and writing about India’s global economic engagement.

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Reading about foreign investment in India and seeing Victoria’s Secret?


I’m in the middle of a giant research project on India’s engagement with the international economy and what it means for sustainable development. So it’s particularly weird when, as I read news stories from the Times of India about foreign institutional investor outflows, I am treated to Victoria’s Secret ads.

I get that Web advertising senses where I am and delivers me local advertising. But VS ads seem a bit of stretch.

I suppose it does add humorous new meaning to portfolio investment’s derogatory moniker: hot money.

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Heads up, barracudas

Hundreds of them riding the current

Great barracuda, hovering above Dixon’s pinnacle…

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Clownfish giving me the stink-eye…

Waiving in the current

A tiny clownfish stares down a giant diver.

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Teaming with and fighting for life

Soft coral at Dixon's Pinnacle

Soft coral at Dixon’s Pinnacle, though protected by its depth and temperature, remains under serious threat like much of the world’s coral as seas warm and acidify. This is a picture of what mankind may very well be pushing out of existence.

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Healthy coral in the deep blue


I spent several days diving recently off Panama’s Isla Colon, where the water is cloudy with sediment, corals are sometimes covered in sand, mud and dirt and large schools of fish are hard to come by. This is likely due, at least in part, to the runoff from all the plantation activity in the surrounding country.

I can’t help but contrast that with photo, from Dixon’s Pinnacle in the Andamans, of remote, relatively untouched coral that is clean, free of disease, blue shifting from the depth and unbleached.

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