Dear @Facebook: Eff your faux concern for the world

I mean seriously...

I mean seriously…

Hey Zuckerberg et al.:

Today, you asked* me whether I agree or disagree with the statement “Facebook is good for the world.”

I checked the box for disagree.

Then you asked me for that ultimate neoliberalcustomerservice good — “feedback.”

Here you go:

Maybe once upon a time, you** were good for the world. Heavy maybe. But quickly you turned my identity, social connections and friendships into commodities. And you’ve worked hard to embed yourself in social life so thoroughly that I struggle to cut you off from me (note: it’s not the other way around). And you’ve made a religion of an apolitical, careless theory of rampant interconnection via digital “sharing” (shot through with bro-ish techno-optimism, #peakneoliberalism). And your creed has managed to threaten actual social relations, politics (e.g. democracy from the U.S. to India), communities (especially the marginalized) and the very planet we live on.

Huzzah, Facebook. Well effing done.

*Your survey methods are shit.
**I can distinguish between good people who work for Facebook and you as a networked, Pinocchio-ish “thing” that adheres to an ideology and behaves (or wants to) like much more than just a digital puppet.

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