Gone fishing (metaphorically)

Atlantic guitarfish

Atlantic guitarfish

I am again putting the blog on hiatus (as if it wasn’t already de facto). I expect to be swamped with work, submissions and field visits in the next few months.

Before I do, I leave you with an unposted photo from Panama’s Bocas del Toro from 2012. Hello guitarfish, a ray that looks like a shark. This one might be an Atlantic guitarfish, which is near threatened, though IUCN geographic extent data suggest it doesn’t get that far south.

I’ll fire it up again when I have something more to say (I’m sure either of my governments will do something silly to rile me up into punditry) or when I decided to develop a better rhythm to blog.

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Small fishing is beautiful

Small is beautiful

Above: A Panamanian boat man.

I’m in the final throes of my thesis writing; the topic: Explaining poverty in Indian fisheries.

However, for the last week and a half I’ve been writing the history and evolution of fisheries globally, which has me constantly thinking about the stratification of fisheries and the multiverse of fisheries development paths.

In case anyone is interested, a good bit of straightforward reading on fisheries — other than my thesis, of course — is DeSombre and Barkin’s Fish. More encyclopedic but also helpful is the stupidly expensive Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries Vol 2.: Fisheries, edited by Paul J.B. Hart and John D. Reynolds.

Note: There are plenty of problems with small- and intermediate-scale fisheries, too. But when compared to fully industrialized fishing and considering the plight of the increasingly depleted ocean, it’s difficult not to argue for the small-is-beautiful model.

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Matt Stensland, this is your life… en Cuba.

A year ago, Matt and I were in Cuba for some journalism. We also celebrated his birthday.

It’s now Tuesday, March 30 in India. Matt, in my time zone, has turned 28.

Happy birthday, brother.

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In Dubai, found WiFi, Google is in Arabic

I’m really tired so excuse my rambling and poor grammar.

I just stepped off the plane to the steamy airport in Dubai for a three-hour layover, found my gate and hopped on a decent WiFi hotspot. So much for going dark, and here’s to hoping this connection is reasonably secure.

The airport here is very shiny. Witness the picture below:

Myriad cultures, juxtaposed on a shiny stage

Myriad cultures, juxtaposed on a shiny stage

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