Reports of the demise of neoliberalism have been greatly exaggerated

An undead British politician/matriarch was spotted roaming the streets of the Bay Area.

An undead British politician/matriarch was spotted roaming the streets of the Bay Area.

Loves Adam Smith but infinitely more so Hayek. Reagan had a huge crush on her/it. Studied and theorized by luminaries from Harvey to Foucault. I particularly like the thinking of Brown and Peck on this “subject.”

Wait, is this a person? Or a concept? Both. I forget. Or we can’t tell. Actually existing? British? Chicago? Everywhere, in all of us? Failing, but failing forward, to be sure.

Zombie neoliberalism

Thus a Halloween costume was born out of my PhD research (part of it, anyway).

Exploiting crisis conditions, we must remember, has been a hallmark of neoliberal governance, even if the recent pattern of events seems less and less like a ‘normal crisis’. But again, the jaded and discredited project threatens to lurch haphazardly onward (if not forward)—that is, unless concerted political opposition blocks its path, and until an alternative sociopolitical program begins to fill the attendant vacuum. ‘Dead but dom- inant’, neoliberalism may indeed have entered its zombie phase. The brain has apparently long since ceased functioning, but the limbs are still moving, and many of the defensive reflexes seem to be working too. The living dead of the free-market revolution continue to walk the earth, though with each resurrection their decidedly uncoordinated gait becomes even more erratic.

Happy Halloween!

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So long, 2010; it’s been nice knowing ya…

Well, hello there 2011. You’ve got a hell of a lot to live up to.

As most people know, I started my whirlwind trip in late summer of 2009 and things haven’t really gone bad yet.

I started 2010 in the remote paradise of the Andaman Islands, far off India’s coast. I had just learned to dive and fell in love with the sport. Fish are friends, not food.

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White cliffs of Brighton

Sea wall stroll

The Brighton sea wall. Perfect for a breezy, afternoon stroll. All it needs is a lighthouse.

Thanks to Russ for putting me up for the night.

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U.K. train stations know what’s what

I do like a good train

Glasgow Central, full of metal and light and people going and waiting and going some more. I love it. Far better than any station I’ve traveled through in the states.

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Scottish salmon heaven

Drool now

Rolled oats on baked, highland salmon with dill cream sauce over vegetables. Eaten on a balcony over-looking Loch Lomond. The waiter told me I looked to relaxed for my own good. I don’t know how I could have been otherwise.

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By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes

Where the sun shines bright...

Took a nice short trip from Glasgow and had a pleasant afternoon on the banks of Loch Lomond. I really need to stop going to beautiful places by myself.

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The jury is out for me on cider with ice

Ice, ice baby

Had a fine bottle of Westons oak-conditioned cider at a Glasgow pub. An old couple laughed at me for focusing so much on taking a picture of my glass. “Lad, you must really be fond of that cider,” the man said.

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Good Scottish weather

I spent an afternoon at the botanical gardens in Glasgow during a fine, fine mist and light drizzle. Lots of pleasant macro photography. Rain drops aplenty. See several photos below.

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Quiet English coast

When I'm a lighthouse operator, will you come visit?

Not a spectacular photo, but a peaceful scene. Great to look out the train from London to Glasgow and see the countryside and the coastline.

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Award winner for good food and hygiene?

Now that's an alluring billboard

An interesting advertising campaign. And an eclectic menu (a chippy that also tempts with Desi food?).

But, I admit, Gennaro’s, just around the corner from the Anniesland train stop in Glasgow, was actually not half bad in the fish-n-chip department. Again, I forgot to take a picture of my meal. Was rather hungry and a bit tipsy.

Though when a takeout joint has to tout its hygiene, I’m left asking questions.

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