Lost at sea

Lost photo: Tortuga Bay

I’m powering down the blog for a week or so. I’m touring in Costa Rica and Panama, getting a good dose of sun and salt water.

This is from my files from an afternoon at Tortuga Bay, Galapagos.

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Out with the tide…

Lazy afternoon

…or you’re done for the day.

Above, Havelock fishermen empty their boats for the afternoon; they’ll return to the sea at night or the next morning when the fish are more active and the tide is high enough for them to clear the coral-strewn flats.

Perhaps I’m romanticizing just a little, but these are the opposite of industrial fishing. They’re traditional fisherfolk who have been sustaining their families on small catches for generations.

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Oh to see the beach

Havelock No. 3

Dreaming of Havelock… But in a few weeks, I’ll at least be on sandy shores in Panama.

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I want to hang out with fishermen

My people

I spend a lot of time thinking about small-scale fishermen. I do not spend enough time actually hanging out with small-scale fishermen.

Like these guys, whose boat is beached for the afternoon in the tide flats of Havelock.

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Lonely tree

I wish I could be there with her

I love this beach. I love her. I want them together.

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One long, cold break

Surf heaven

The Tortuga Bay beach surf, about three kilometers from Puerto Ayora. A pleasant walk to a wonderful — if chilly, this time of year — white sand beach. Heaven.

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Sea lions of San Cristobal


The sea lion parade continues. They alternate between goofing off and lazing around everywhere. They’re cute, photogenic and smelly. See below.

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One heckuva beach

Lava rocks and white sand

Los Lobos, a stop on most tour visits to Kicker Rock near San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos is an absolute afternoon treat. Sea lions laze in the shade or play in the water. The waters, though cold, are crystal. Those famous Galapagos finches flit and flutter everywhere.

See below.

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Surf’s up in Montanita

A solid half-kilometer of break

So are the hippies, in Montanita, a little tourist town with a great bit of surf in southern Ecuador, where people get drunk at night and make shell jewelry and braid hair by day.

The human vibe was a bit overwhelming — it really is just a party town — but sitting on a rocky levy overlooking crashing 10-foot waves wasn’t so bad.

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Overcast but exceedingly pleasant beaches

Wide sandy shores

Los Frailes, a beach inside the Machalilla National Park north of Puerto Lopez.

It’s a tourist attraction mostly for Ecuadorians who set up tents, play soccer and frolic in what Westerners would shun as too-cold waters. The lack of sun notwithstanding, it’s a fine place to spend an afternoon.

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