Sunset over San Cristobal

Clouds break just enough to dazzle

During much of my time in the Galapagos, I shivered away my evenings due to a steady combination of cloudy skies and cold in my bones from too much diving. One evening, however, the clouds broke enough to let the sun shine through.

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One heckuva beach

Lava rocks and white sand

Los Lobos, a stop on most tour visits to Kicker Rock near San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos is an absolute afternoon treat. Sea lions laze in the shade or play in the water. The waters, though cold, are crystal. Those famous Galapagos finches flit and flutter everywhere.

See below.

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Stop and smell the roses

Gemstone flowers

Pietra dura, known here in India as parchin kari, inside the Red Fort complex in Delhi.

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