Remembering good times and a birthday, from India

In India, guy friends hold hands

We interrupt my recent string of ocean, diving and ecology related posts for an important announcement.

My shenanigan wallah, partner in crime and damn good friend, Joel, celebrates a birthday today, though he probably won’t mention it.

But I will.

He and his lady, Katie, came to visit India last year. They had some good times, some hot times and a few sick moments in between. Above are photos to remember the trip.

Happy birthday, brother.

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Matt Stensland, this is your life… en Cuba.

A year ago, Matt and I were in Cuba for some journalism. We also celebrated his birthday.

It’s now Tuesday, March 30 in India. Matt, in my time zone, has turned 28.

Happy birthday, brother.

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Hey sargin’ buddy…

Hey, guy. Hey, Nicky from Paramus.

Yeah, I’ze talkin’ to yous.

Happy Birfday, ya bag o’ donuts. Weez had one helluva ride the past few years, ain’t we?

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