Guess who is not allowed to bowl?


Welcome to Lucky Strike Lanes in Gallery Place. Well. Actually, you’re not welcome, if you wear anything on the list.

The bowling alley-cum-bar is, allegedly, trying to foster an atmosphere of swankiness garnished with sartorial, posh cool. So it institutes a dress code that implicitly aims for the appropriate clientele.

From what I can intuit from the sign, the corporate owners really have a problem with:

  • People who have lost a lot of weight but haven’t updated their wardrobes. (Me?)
  • People who are proud to ride.
  • People who have just been exercising.
  • The working stiff.
  • Kids in need of orthodontics or people with bike helmets.

Oh, wait. Did I get it wrong? Is the dress code actually just aimed at young, urban men?

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Newly opened?

Something is amiss

From an ongoing construction project across from the “new” bus stand in Dharamshala. Someone got excited about printing a sign, but the promised bowling lanes are no where to be found.

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