And they all threw bird seed at us


Five years ago, Ishani and I called a few dozen of our closest friends to St. Louis gather in Forest Park. As a group, we briefly took over (commoned) the patio in front of the Grand Basin — entirely against a park policy of charging exorbitant amounts of money to rent this public space. With a brief exchange of vows, a word of wisdom, a rendition of our favorite love song, and a bunch of group photos, our flashmob wedding was in the books.

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Going to the sarkar and they’re gonna get married…

Earlier this month, I had the honor of photographing the civil wedding (read: navigating the web of India government) of two Delhi friends, Poh Si Teng and Mayank Misra. They were some of the first people I got to know in the city.

The wedding day had ups and downs and they invited me to be there for the whole thing: getting dressed, car rides in Delhi heat, power cuts, paperwork, Indian bureaucracy, tangling with the sarkar, the eventual success and a fine celebration afterward.

Many congrats Poh Si and Mayank.

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