A beautiful but decrepit old church

Almost forgotten

From the entrance to St. John in the Wilderness, an old Anglican church that has fallen on hard times. After the British left in India, the congregation dwindled with the Christian population of Dharamshala.

The church today is dingy and in need of repair, but not without its charm: beautiful stained glass, picturesque forest setting and a dedicated pastor-cum-caretaker. On the grounds of the church, Lord Elgin, one of the viceroys of India, is buried with little ceremony.

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Taxi cab confessions in Nairobi

"You must live up to your name."

Masha Mwangi: "You must live up to your name."

The following what I get for singing along with old church hymns randomly in a cab.

I would like to introduce you to Masha Mwangi, a 29-year-old born-again Christian cabbie, new-found friend and available driver, should anyone be in Nairobi.

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