A beautiful but decrepit old church

Almost forgotten

From the entrance to St. John in the Wilderness, an old Anglican church that has fallen on hard times. After the British left in India, the congregation dwindled with the Christian population of Dharamshala.

The church today is dingy and in need of repair, but not without its charm: beautiful stained glass, picturesque forest setting and a dedicated pastor-cum-caretaker. On the grounds of the church, Lord Elgin, one of the viceroys of India, is buried with little ceremony.

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Save my soul


As best I can tell, the Arutam Shuar community is mostly tied to traditional beliefs. That hasn’t stopped a fair growth of small, elementary churches from making in roads during an evangelical revival in Latin America. Take the highway through the jungle and every several miles you’ll likely see one of these clapboard iglesias.

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Quito’s monumental basilica

A fun climb

On my first full day in Quito, I went for a walk around part of the old historic district and made my way to the Basilica del Voto Nacional, also known as the Basilica de San Juan.

It’s a huge church with twin fore-spires and a single rear tower with some of the best views over Quito. The stoic grey stone with subtle ornamentation outside, stained glass windows, and towering ceilings: it’s gothic beauty.

I spent most of an afternoon exploring where I could, taking pictures and hiding out from a hail storm. Enjoy the photos below.

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