Newly opened?

Something is amiss

From an ongoing construction project across from the “new” bus stand in Dharamshala. Someone got excited about printing a sign, but the promised bowling lanes are no where to be found.

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Jungle roofing

Evil leaves

One of the heaviest days of work for our volunteers involved hauling and collecting leaves from the jungle. These leaves, which resemble palm fronds, were bundled in masse for roofing for a new traditional hut.

Much of the construction material used by the Shuar community comes from its reserve and this is no different. Local materials, locally harvested sounds more sustainable.

The “rope” used to bind the bundles of leaves is actually the husk of young plant stems. See below.

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Tools of the trade

Qutub construction

All of Delhi is being rebuilt — a combination of the country’s new wealth and the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Even parts of the historic Qutub Minar complex are getting a facelift. This is from some renovation and restoration going on near the college and tomb of Alauddin Khalji.

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Brickmakers of Akurdi

Placing charcoal

Family of brickmakers

India’s construction boom requires bricks. Bricks are labor intensive. They are carefully molded and dried in the sun. Then they’re intricately stacked amid charcoal, for firing in what is essentially an open kiln.

Here, a family of brickmakers are getting ready to fire another batch of bricks (more photos below).

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