Who needs turkey?


It’s Thanksgiving. What do you do when you don’t eat meat?

Use vegetable protein. Mmmm…

Green and leafy + fungus

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Kale chips ahoy!


A week-and-a-half ago, I found a two pound bag of kale for $2.50 at my grocer. That made for good kale stir fry and soup. But as I’ve raved about kale, everyone keeps telling me to bake up kale chips.

So this afternoon, while trying to wade through grad school reading, I also tossed the remainder of my kale bag in oil, shook on some Old Bay and they’re baking away as I type.

Timer just beeped. Now for the tasting.

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Elemental dinner


I get immense satisfaction from cooking basic foodstuffs that are healthy and turn out incredibly tasty. I realize that many people know how to cook far better, but this is a new leaf for me.

Above, left to right: Red lentils, diced tomatoes mixed with diced green peppers, a to-be-diced white onion, chopped green onions. Mostly organic.

Boil the lentils until they’re about half-way to tender in a stainless steel pot, throw in everything else, spice with black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, lots of thyme and a tiny bit of sugar.

Salt to taste. Boil the rest of the way until the lentils are finished.

Finished product below.

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Hello giant Bag of Kale…

Healthy never tasted so good...

…meet my good friend, Carbon Steel Wok. Also, say hi to his buddies, garlic, onions, tomatoes, canola, cayenne and black beans.

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Old Bay and my domestic Indian lifestyle

And some of you laughed at me for bringing along Old Bay

And some of you laughed when I brought along Old Bay

I love photos of domestic settings. There are so many little details to absorb. The one above, though not particularly stunning, is my kitchen.

At the time, I was making some noodle “curry.” The dented can of Old Bay Seasoning, the best salt on the face of this planet, was one of the many things I carried here in my overstuffed backpack. Thank God.

Though I’ve been traipsing about the world, as you’ll see below, I do lead a rather domestic life from time to time.

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Antananarivo: cheap, culinary heaven

Chez Sucett's

Chez Sucett's

On a darkened street, in a pouring rain, after walking past it twice, I finally spied the door I was looking for. Inside, I found the best meal I’ve perhaps ever had. Photos and menu after the jump.

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