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W. M. TRADE, Captain

My costume this year was both esoteric and abstract. Keep in mind that I’m in an environmental policy program. But I’ll help parse out all the levels below.

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Protected: Halloween’s frights amid Lodi’s beautiful tombs

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Dia de los Muertos

I went to a posh club for a Halloween (Dia de los Muertos) party (thankfully things fell into place and I didn’t miss my favorite holiday of the year). The party was somehow connected to the Mexican Embassy.

My costume, last-minute and on the cheap: Twister.

I found a toy store, bought the game for $6.50, cut a hole in the mat, turned it into a poncho/shirt (duct tape and carabiners to hold it together), hung the spinner around my neck with a shoelace and voila!

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Look at this Indian devil


Khan Market gets just a little festive

Happy Halloween everyone. Given how much I love this holiday, this guy absolutely made my day. Helps that I also found what sounds like a decent party and a costume in the span of an hour.

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