It’s a bull market

Kamal Cinema cattle

My local market — Kamal Cinema (where there’s no cinema) — is home mostly to liquor stores, dhabas, a few businesses, carousing men and the occasional bull.

Like this guy, a behemoth that wanders Safdarjung Enclave.

Most of the shops pay him no mind and occasionally throw him scraps of food. Or shoo him from their counters before he can dribble snot everywhere.

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He is very snotty


My obsession with cow noses continues.

You can see the full brute in all his glory below.

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Hide your cows, it’s a-pouring outside

Wet cattle

Cows herd around a traffic island in Noida beneath an overpass to avoid a November rain.

The guys on the motorbike nearly crashed because they wanted to look at me as they sped by.

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Grab the bull by the horns


Or not, as I’m pretty much cattle-phobic. Still.

I’m better than I was, but yes, I’m not getting closer than I need to.

This was a bit of a challenge in Jodhpur (above), which I can say — without any exaggeration — smells like it has the most cows-per-capita of Indian city/town/village/hamlet I’ve visited. Seriously, that place is cow-patty central.

It’s really a wonderful place — with all the heart and chaos and color of India — just a little bovine-ridden.

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Dung flats

Dirty work, but someone's got to do it

An overhead of the muddy yard of a poor farming family in Siliguri. Their primary occupation: collecting dung from their cattle.

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Up with the sun, up with the cattle

Good day, cows

Village life in the deserts of Rajasthan.

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Warrens of Jaisalmer

Back alley

Jaisalmer’s fort isn’t just a relic or tourist trap. It’s a living fort, with dusty alleys and cattle dung and people going about their days.

Don’t trust that bull for a second.

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Honey, there’s a cow in the living room

Once of these things just doesn't belong

Meet Nandoo, the resident cow at the Royale Jaisalmer, a pretty decent hotel in that wondrous desert city.

The semi-cute little guy is named after Nandi, the bull and trusty steed of the Hindu god Shiva. See below.

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Snot-nosed bastard

Conquering fear

I’m still afraid of cattle. But I’m working on it.

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Cattle run (walk) amok

Unaware of the traffic

Despite my unreasonable fear of cattle, I can’t help taking pictures of them looking dumb (sinister) as always.

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