A palace rises from the sand

Jaisalmer fort is just too easy. It’s also a living fort — ancient homes and businesses still reside inside the walls.

There are still plenty of firangi, but it’s not on the prime tourist circuit, either, which makes it all the more alluring.

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Ahhhhh, young love

Hot snuggle in the park

Lodi Gardens is Delhi’s green lung and respite from the hustle and dust of the city. But it’s also a haven for young lovers who, in a society that is mostly repressive of sexual urges, can come here and snuggle and canoodle to their heart’s content.

It’s actually more public necking than would likely be deemed appropriate in the U.S., though they do generally keep their clothes completely on. And sometimes it’s literally necking, as mouth-kissing is still far more taboo than kissing necks (and foreheads and hands and ears and arms and…).

I try to be discreet when photographing their trysts:

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