My parrot will not sit still

And now for something completely different.

Hamesha idhar udhar aise vaise kachar pachar.

Chalu bird.

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That's my dupatta!

Diwali dance party. Above, Dave stole my stole and partied with it. Below, well, it’s the festival of lights, so clap your hands, everybody.

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Random party breaks out on long train journey

Impromtu train carriage show

During a train ride from Delhi to Pune in November, the berth just opposite my bunk happened to be filled with random musicians. WIth encouragement from much of the rest of the carriage, they took to song for several hours in the middle of our overnight journey.

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Actually sang me to sleep at one point. Click play above to listen.

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Of masks and swords

Lopen's famous masks cast from mud

The highlight of my student’s cultural program early last month was a performance of the traditional Buddhist Mahakala chaam dance. I had seen the boys practicing but had no idea how elaborate the costumes and show would be.

Also known as the “Dance of Drinking of Blood,” the Mahakala is performed to eliminate obstacles in the Buddhist path.

The dance circle

More photos below.

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The kids put on a good show

The students put on a show with elaborate costumes and rehearsed dances for their parents, teachers and local residents of our valley.

It was an absolutely fantastic day. If possible, I was even proud.

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DDR Sikkim

I want to dance, dance, dance 'til the sun don't shine...

I don’t actually know the lyrics, but when the kids hear the song, it’s like a dance party on crack.

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Cut loose, foot loose

Kick off your Sunday shoes...

Second- and third-years practice a Hindi dance routine.

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Cutting an Indian rug

Stealing the spotlight

Last night, I attended performance of Odissi, a style of classical Indian dance. It was beautiful, fantastically lit and hypnotic. As soon as the first dancers stepped on the outdoor stage, I wished for my camera, though with my banged-up shoulder I wouldn’t have been able to lift it.

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