Kenyans love a fat, tattooed Mzungu

My stalkers...

My stalkers...

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Hey mosquito, leave me alone

There are plenty of disease vectors that are serious enemies of the international traveler. Serious enemies. Nemesis level. Damn.

I’ve been vaccinated (or protected) against a lot: Yellow Fever, Polio, Typhoid, Hep A and B. And the standard U.S. MMR, tetanus, diphtheria, etc.

And I’m more than familiar with basic food and water precautions to fend off cholera, giardiasis and the like.

But mosquitoes still are a royal pain. I’ll be on Lariam (for malaria) as long as I can when I’m overseas, but the little bastard insects carry other diseases, including the infamous Dengue Fever, which is known as Break Bone Fever, due to unfortunate symptoms and pain.

Mom called today and asked about it. I told her not to worry too much.

But it’s a nasty threat. Hence why I picked up this fun little bit of protection at REI today.

Meet the Bug Hut Pro 1.

Bug Hut Pro 1

Eat it, bugs

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