A tomb fit for dogs

Cute puppy

A street dog relaxes on the grounds of Isa Khan Niyazi’s tomb, a side attraction of the Humayun’s Tomb complex, but grand and beautiful in it’s own way. This is one of my favorite Delhi monuments, not the least because it’s quieter than the harried Mughal spectacle honoring Humayun nearby.

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Hay perrito!

Hola puppy

Not exactly a street dog. Ecuadorians like their mascotas and I’ve seen more than a few dogs in these parts that are far better and healthier than much of the rest of the developing world.

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Mira! Hay perrito cansado! (Look, there is a tired puppy!)

My favorite Shuar dog

There are various communal dogs that roam about the Arutam village. More than a few would come with us into the jungle daily for work. Or for screwing about while we worked. Or for nearly getting killed by falling trees, swinging machetes and poisonous snakes, while we worked.

This one was, in my opinion, the cutest of the Arutam dogs. Though this was debated by various volunteers.

The photo was perfect for my ongoing tribute to street dogs.

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Jai puppy

Gorkha dog

I recently spent a few days in Darjeeling reporting (real, live journalism!) on political tensions surrounding the Gorkhaland movement. A week before I arrived, a minority party leader was assassinated in the street.

The town was still covered in the typical green and white Gorkha colors and other than a good bit of shouting and lots of paramilitary forces, cooler heads prevailed. That story is set to run in July in a magazine.

In the mean time, I give you the above green scarfed dog.

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Sometimes he won’t shut up

Talkie, talkie, talkie

By now, some of you are familiar with Bhasha. He likes to talk. This is his face when he’s babbling at me.

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I’ll miss that dog

Asleep. As always.

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So, so lazy

Oh you mutt

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Cooking on fumes

Waiting for the refill

In rural Sikkim, we do a lot of waiting for deliveries — food, newspapers, volunteers. Natural gas, our primary cooking fuel, is a particularly important delivery. (More photos below.)

Unfortunately, it only comes once every two or three months. When the truck shows up, villagers line the road for miles.

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Not exactly paint by numbers

My buddy Phurba

Sundays are a day off, which usually means we drum up arts and crafts projects for the boarding school children to stave off boredom.

This particular day, we’re painting our own Buddhist prayer flags. See below.

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Dog day portrait

Fuzzy, cute, smelly, dirty, little guy

Bhasha portraiture continues.

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