The road is no place for you little buddy

Nearly road kill

I almost ran this little guy over on my morning ride a couple days ago. I haven’t seen a Banded Woolly Bear (known in my childhood as a woollyworm) in years.

I dodged him at the last second while going through Rock Creek Park, turned around and stopped to ponder him for a few minutes. I also tried to get him off the road with the leaf above. He briefly got on the leaf, but as soon as I moved the leaf he began to play dead — as is the woolly bear’s defense mechanism — and fell to the ground.

I decided to leave him there lest I cause more trauma. Cute little bugger though. Legend has it they herald the coming of a strong winter.

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Feasting on fall


Getting in touch with my farm town roots, I visited an orchard a couple weeks ago in the rolling Maryland countryside. The apples were nearly picked out — I found one good Pink Lady on a tree and enjoyed it thoroughly — but no matter. The highlight of the trip was very clearly the wonderful toffee apple above.

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Sunrise against the forest

Light reaching down into the woods

Every Wednesday I have to get up early enough to beat traffic. I have early class. Lately, when I’m just hitting the road, the dawn has barely arrived. The dark such that I keep my lights on.

By the time I get to campus, the sun has climbed just high enough to reach the tops of the trees.

What a glorious sight!

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More treetops

A great advantage of not owning a car. While riding, I have the luxury to look around so much more.

Of course people sometimes think I’m goofy. And I am, so I don’t care.

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Ode to autumn

Rubrum maple

Stare straight up at flames on blue canvas. Stare straight up so long that your neck hurts. Wait for the breeze to rustle limb and branch and leaf. Wait for it.

Wait some more.

A single leaf falls And then another and another. Sparks from natural fire that warm my soul.

(It’s been two years since I’ve seen a North American autumn. God bless it.)

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