Look out, it’s an immigrant and his child!


Immigrant families make this country better despite the every effort of our racist, mendacious, power/wealth/other-grabbing Dirtbag Clown-in-Chief. Happy Father’s Day.

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Miss you, pops

Those are some hiking shorts...

Those are some hiking shorts…

It’s been thirteen years today since Dad died. Can remember that day vividly.

Pain has faded, and, wow, how much has changed. Life has, despite the loss, turned out quite grand. Just wish he could share it now.

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Miss you, Dad

Summer glacier is probably gone, too

Summer glacier is probably gone, too

Fourteen years ago today my father died in a car accident. Life has nonetheless been good to me; just wish I could share it with him.

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Taxi cab confessions in Nairobi

"You must live up to your name."

Masha Mwangi: "You must live up to your name."

The following what I get for singing along with old church hymns randomly in a cab.

I would like to introduce you to Masha Mwangi, a 29-year-old born-again Christian cabbie, new-found friend and available driver, should anyone be in Nairobi.

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