Delhi’s winter finery

My favorite flower

Across Delhi, much is dreary — dust, fog, dust, just enough cold to kill off most of the flowers. But the bougainvillea are still out which makes me happy.

Note: The colored leaves are just that, leaves. The flowers are small, tiny and white inside the leaves.

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He’s doing the lord’s work…

Busy little bee

Pollination, it’s the cool thing to do. Especially when so many other pollinator bees are dying and colony collapse disorder looms. Hooray for monoculture and pesticides.

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Intricate and delicate


They’ve been all over campus this fall.

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My favorite weed

Invasive pest

Lantana, a plant I remember my father carefully cultivating when I was a child, is actually considered a weed and pest in many parts of India. There are entire fields claimed by the voracious, scrubby plant.

It seems able to sprout anywhere on the in the tropical regions of the subcontinent. As it did here in this gully in Pune, all but overlooked.

It’s surely some part nostalgia, but I find it beautiful. And I will grow it in our terrace garden one day.

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Bougainvillea in bloom

Spring (or Indian summer) has arrived and my favorite flowering plant — bougainvillea — continues to blossom more with each passing week. The above comes from early blooms on one of the balconies of our hotel room during a visit to the Rajasthani countryside in February.

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Pollination macro


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Blooms of Lodi

Where's a botanist when I need one?

From an afternoon in Lodi Gardens. A bright flower that I cannot identify. Anyone?

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Phoolwallahs of jodhpur


Early in the morning, the scent of flowers mixes with the reek of cow dung in Jodhpur’s old market lanes. Meet the phoolwallah, the flower salesman, stringing together garland of flower petals.

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Ecuadorian white party

My favorite flower

Bougainvillea, my favorite flower. From a roadside stand in Ayampe.

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Yet another jungle flower


This one from a deserted lane near Ayampe on the misty south coast of Ecuador.

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