Fireworks as I buzz by…

Burst of color

A blurry, jarring Costa Rican bus ride from Puerto Viejo de Talamanca to San Jose. I was absolutely enamored by these white barked trees with bright orange blossoms that flew by my window.

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Delhi’s late blooms


Though the summer heat is in full melt in Delhi — and the monsoons are fast approaching — there are still beautiful blooms to be found if you know where to look.

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Himalayan Botany 101

Strange and beautiful

Where’s my botanist? Mountain flowers from Dharamshala.

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Highland vistas

Pastaza river

Baños, a tourist trap sandwiched between Quito’s highlands and the low jungle of the Oriente, is a pleasant, pleasant weekend. Though the town itself is overrun by tourists riding in off-road buggies and partying in Western-esque clubs, the surrounding landscape is beautiful.

I spent a weekend there during the sweaty weeks in the jungle. A good meal, a hot shower, a little bridge-jumping session. And more flora photography. See below.

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Roadside orchids


It’s the Oriente. Orchids are everywhere. Even blossoming alongside the major highway that bissects the Amazon here, the Puyo-Macas road.

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Orchids of the Oriente


Wild orchids are in abundance here. They’re beautiful and diverse and even odd. Here are couple of the most common, and also most accessible. Many also grow far higher up the canopy. Of course, as beautiful as they are, more than a few have been felled by a volunteer’s machete. We’re conserving crucial parts of the forest and working in subsistence agriculture for a poor community, which sometimes takes precedence over pretty flowers.


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Plantas de la selva: Vol. 3


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Good Scottish weather

I spent an afternoon at the botanical gardens in Glasgow during a fine, fine mist and light drizzle. Lots of pleasant macro photography. Rain drops aplenty. See several photos below.

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Falling stars

Chamrod flowers on Lodi Gardens

In March, the dying flowers of Chamrod, as it’s called in India, cover patches of Lodi Gardens and other green spaces in Delhi. Just another one of nature’s details.

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Blooming Delhi

Spring is in the air

Delhi’s brief period of bloom is about over, as the oppressive heat will soon dry out all but the hardiest flora. This comes from Lodi Gardens.

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