Thai food diary: Squid on a stick

It never gets old, this food on a stick love

Food on a stick for the pescetarian in you. This is the last of my food photography from April. Again, for the record, I ate only a little of what was pictured. Eating it all would have lead to an untimely food seizure, coma and death.

But I still miss it something fierce. Now, for a few days at least. The blog will power down. See you on the flip side.

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Thai food diary: Jack pot of food on sticks

Stick food

I’d kiss the person who invented this.

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Thai food diary: Meatballs and sticks. Genius.

What's not to like?

Thais like to snack. Snacking is aided by the widespread availability of meat on a stick. For the record, I didn’t eat most of this. Couldn’t. Would have exploded.

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Thai food diary: More stick food fun

Again with the food on a stick

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Thai food diary: Meat on a stick

Stick food, the best kind there is.

I want a table-top charcoal grill. Though I can’t do meat on a stick anymore.

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